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On-Chain is a software development firm, with long cross-industry experience ranging from energy to healthcare to finance. Our enterprise grade platforms power millions of users. We have accumulated vast experience in building durable, secure, scalable, highly available, cost effective solutions and always researching and learning latest trends in newest technologies.

We strive to understand your business strategies and convert them into software solutions and technology processes that optimize your business performance. We build software platform that deliver industry specific user experiences ensuring higher life-time value.

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BitRail is a blockchain infrastructure that enables entities to operate and issue regulatory compliant cryptocurrencies for payment within their own platforms. The BitRail platform aims to enable compliant cryptocurrencies for commerce in accordance with state money transmitter laws and FinCEN. BitRail is currently in production, processing over $900M worth of transactions annually, and serving over 5 millions active users.

Michael Arbach, On-Chain LLc is Bitrail Strategic technology partner. Was responsible for desiging the platform and building scalable blockchain sub-system and implementing the integration with the main platform. Michael wored with legal team and coded the compliant smart contracts.

On-Chain was contracted to build HyperLedger based supply chain solution for Daikin. Daikin is $20B revenue Japanese A.C. manufacturer. Michael was responsible for coding the Hyperledger business network, designing the application and helped coding Go chaincode. Let the team to build end to end PoC.

Questionnaire Connect

Questionnaire Connect®
Questionnaire Connect® provides a smart solution that allows providers to seamlessly deliver a questionnaire to patients to complete. Providers can track the progress of patients’ scores and save that information for later review, copy it into EHR, or print results in paper document. questionnaires can be completed onsite or sent to patients via email or text message.
On-Chain was contracted to build the platform end to end. Platform is fully operational and in production in multiple hospitals.

KodakOne Image Rights Management Platform
KODAKOne is an innovative image licensing Platform that will enable photographers to earn money from diverse revenue streams and get paid faster. The platform intends to deliver its immutable blockchain-enabled copyright protection combined with a high-efficiency “trustless” transaction platform for the assured licensing of rights-cleared and protected digital assets.
Michael Arbach, On-Chain LLc was responsible for building the blockchain sub-system and designing the integration with the main platform.

Kodak One


WeGo is an On-Chain Ride Share network. The startup is still looking for startegic business partners.


PLAAK is an all-inclusive, self-sustaining and open ecosystem. It significantly outperforms conventional Apps by forming an ecosystem network that also links users to other solutions and services in a one stop shop app. The PLAAK app more importantly bridges the gap between fiat and digital currencies, allowing users to use either or both across the entire ecosystem. Michael Arbach, On-Chain LLc is Plaak Strategic technology partner. It was responsible for building the blockchain sub-system and designing the integration with the main platform.


Decentralized bike sharing network. The startup is still looking for startegic business partners.


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